Obligatory “FRIST PSOT” post. I have been largely following this tutorial so far, and things have been mostly fairly smooth. My own approach has been:

  • Install hugo via snap, as I’m on Ubuntu 21.10 (snap install hugo --channel=extended)
  • Run through the new site setup to create a new directory
  • Set up a new github repo and clone it
  • Copy the new site files into the git repo and push
  • Clone the beautifulhugo theme as a submodule, as suggested (glad I had all that submodule wrangling before now, aren’t I, eh, eh?)
  • Push
  • Sign into Netlify via Github, giving it just access to the one repo
  • Set up new site, roughly in line with the tutorial steps
  • Set up over at Mythic Beasts which is hosting the domain, in line with Netlify’s instructions
  • Verify the DNS - this was fast, but not entirely sure if it has worked. HTTPS seems to work when I access the site, but adding SSL seems to report “missing certificate”, and I got an email from Netlify about mixed secure/non-secure content, which the browser doesn’t report.
  • Figure out how to post this content. I’ve set up a ‘2021’ directory within my ‘posts’ directory, just in case I end up using this for years and years. Running ‘hugo server’ seems to see it fine.

(Actually, I originally added the theme as a clone before the parent was pushed, but undid that once I realised Netlify couldn’t see it.)

About a minute after posting this, it appears on the site - hooray!

So my initial issue is that the netlify-generated site looks quite different to the one hosted locally. This ain’t right:

Screenshot of badly formatted blog

After adding a quick ‘netlify.toml’ file as per Hugo’s instructions to set the same hugo version, everything is looking pretty good though.

Woo! ‘stat’ shows I created the original hugo directory at a minute past 12, and it’s a minute past 1pm now. So from nothing to new blog in bang on an hour, I reckon.

Job done, time for lunch.