Linkthoughts 2022-02-23

The emptiness of the text editor gives rise to the first sentence. Soon, punctuation arrives, alongside the first typo. Squiggles give way to semantics, indentations form ideas. I glide across the editor like an ice skater.

Yesterday, a very interesting talk on zero waste web design. A picture of a pony leads to a comment about brutalist web design leads to a link to this slide deck: IT WAS NEVER ABOUT LEARNING TO CODE by F Okoye. Economy of construction, pure functional design, and yet within these structures are labyrinths.

Websites are labyrinths.

Elsewhere. Last year. Viznut has written an update on a previous permacomputing piece. Simplicity, directness, emptiness, economy, sustainability. Winter is lessening here and the blossom is out. Even trees know when to stop, and when to start carefully, gracefully.

Know when to breathe in and when to breathe out, and you will last forever.

The data-fueled attention economy is killing us, spurring us on to be tethered into digital twins. Adblockers are punk are illegal are anti-capitalist are freedom now?

Sometimes to be lost in the labyrinth is to be alone, even if just for the season.